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Greetings! I'm Dalibor, and I've got a wide selection of shipping containers available with Used Conex LLC. If you're looking for something to fit your garden or need something bigger for your business, I'm sure I can find the ideal one for you! Below, read more about the company I work for...

We are a leading retail company supplying and delivering secondhand shipping containers all over the United States.

We work directly with shipping lines and shipping container manufacturers who bring thousands of containers into the country regularly.

We buy new and used shipping containers in bulk and we store them at some of the biggest depots around the country that’s how we can provide the best quality shipping containers at the lowest prices in the industry.

Our team works so hard to provide inventory near your city so everyone has access to the best deals available in the market.

We work with owner-operator trucking companies that not only have the best delivery rates, but also know your local area very well, and have years of experience in delivering shipping containers.

All our containers have been inspected by certified personnel at the depot as well as our drivers who inspect the container before pick-up to ensure that the container matches the condition mentioned on Used Conex’s inspection sheet they have on hand.

We also back up our customers with a 25 years leak warranty as well as discounted container relocation services in case they’d need to relocate their container to a new home in the future.

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