Based in Florida with customers and team members all over the United States.

Greetings! I'm Dalibor - Sales Representative, and I'm delighted to offer you a vast array of shipping containers tailored to suit your needs. Whether you require a compact container for your garden or a spacious unit for your business, I'm committed to finding the perfect solution for you. Let me introduce you to our esteemed company:

About Us: Shipping Conex – Official Affiliate of Used Conex LLC is a renowned retail enterprise headquartered in Florida, serving customers and collaborating with team members across the United States. As a leading provider in our industry, we specialize in supplying and delivering top-quality secondhand shipping containers nationwide.

Our Commitment to Excellence: We maintain close partnerships with reputable shipping lines and container manufacturers, ensuring a steady influx of containers into the country. By purchasing both new and used containers in bulk, we secure prime storage locations at major depots nationwide. This strategic approach enables us to offer unparalleled quality at the most competitive prices in the market.

Customer-Centric Approach: Driven by a dedication to customer satisfaction, our hardworking team endeavors to make our inventory accessible to individuals and businesses in every corner of the country. We collaborate with owner-operator trucking companies renowned for their efficient delivery services and intimate knowledge of local areas. Rest assured, your container will be in capable hands from depot to doorstep.

Quality Assurance: Prior to delivery, all our containers undergo rigorous inspections conducted by certified personnel at the depot. Our vigilant drivers also inspect each container before pick-up, ensuring compliance with the condition outlined in Used Conex’s inspection sheet. With us, you can trust that your container meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Additional Benefits: To further enhance your experience, we offer a 25-year leak warranty on all containers, providing you with long-term peace of mind. Additionally, we provide discounted container relocation services, should you require assistance moving your container to a new location in the future.

We’re more than just a supplier – we’re your trusted partner in storage solutions. Experience the difference with us today!

If you have any inquiries or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help!

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