Shipping Containers for SaleShipping Containers for Sale in Columbus, OH

Best prices on shipping containers for sale in Columbus, OH

Looking for a unique and affordable way to add more living or storage space? An ideal option is to buy a used shipping container. These sturdy containers are environmentally beneficial because you can recycle or reuse them after you're done with them. Shipping Conex has you covered with the most reasonable shipping container prices in Columbus, OH. To give you the quickest delivery times at the most affordable prices, our staff keeps strategic inventories of all sizes and conditions across the country, including at our Conex facility in Columbus, Ohio.

Best prices on shipping containers for sale in Columbus, OH

It’s not necessary to use shipping containers just once before throwing them away. By giving used shipping containers a new life in innovative and sustainable ways, they serve as an environmentally beneficial substitute. These constructions offer countless options for repurposing your container as a studio, house, office, or even a workspace. The most affordable shipping containers in Columbus, Ohio are provided by Shipping Conex. After they have served their original purpose, we have taken care to gather old and like-new containers, which allows us to save money and benefit the environment. Request a quote from our staff right away!

Where To Find Shipping Containers In Columbus, OH Area?

If you need additional storage, all you need is a used conex container! Since purchasing shipping containers is done so without first seeing them, Shipping Conex tries to give our customers enough information to make informed purchasing decisions. We offer several grades of containers to suit various demands. On our social media sites, you can read customer testimonials and see some of our most recent deliveries to help you decide which type of container is best for you.

Shipping Conex Weekly Delivery Capacity in Columbus, OH

Shipping Conex delivers more than 80 containers within 200-300 miles of Columbus shipping container yards. To schedule your shipping container delivery to Columbus or any other city within that range, here you can request a free invoice and check out our current delivery time frame.

Buy Shipping Container in Columbus, OH
Buy Shipping Container in Columbus, OH
Buy Shipping Container in Columbus, OH

How Can I be Sure That I’m Going With A Legit Company?

You should verify the company’s reviews and customer service to get comfort that you’ll get the greatest service possible. You may phone them, talk to a live representative, and ask for further information. You can also do some research on the company to make sure they are trustworthy. It’s a positive indicator if a business has evaluations on the Better Business Bureau and is a member of the National Portable Storage Association (NPSA). Additionally, you ought to enquire about their payment options. Businesses who do not take debit or credit cards as a form of payment should not be trusted.

Buy Conex Container in Columbus, OH

Need to find cheap containers in Columbus, OH? Shipping Conex has you covered with shipping containers for sale around Columbus plus local delivery.

Columbus, OH is a thriving city that is home to a diverse range of businesses and sectors. Conex containers or transport containers are being used increasingly frequently in the region as a result of the demand for strong storage solutions from industries like technology and fisheries. These storage containers’ adaptability has created special opportunities for people and companies in Columbus to make good use of them. Here are a few creative uses for storage containers in Columbus, OH:

  • Hydroponic farms are gaining popularity in Columbus’s forward-thinking, environmentally conscious food industry. Utilizing cutting-edge equipment like hydroponic systems, grow lights, and temperature controllers that provide the ideal growing environment, these farms use storage containers to grow seasonal vegetables all year round.
  • Ingenious pop-up stores made out of storage containers are being created in Columbus, a city where small companies and entrepreneurs flourish. Owners of these buildings have a flexible and affordable option because they may move them across the city with ease.
  • Columbus is located in an earthquake-prone region, therefore disaster response is a major issue. Emergency equipment and supplies are housed in storage containers that can be quickly moved to the affected area as needed to prepare for natural disasters. When needed, these containers may act as temporary hospitals or shelters.
  • The large homeless population in Columbus is being addressed by converting storage containers into affordable and secure dwelling quarters. For those who need them, these customized containers offer cozy houses with insulation, heating, and plumbing installed.
  • Storage containers are being used to build affordable and distinctive art spaces in Columbus, where art studios are thriving. For artists, these containers provide a flexible, individual space where they may produce their best work and display it.

Delivery Cities Include:

Columbus, Lockbourne, Groveport, Brice, Reynoldsburg, Canal Winchester, Grove City, Lithopolis, Commercial Point, Pickerington, Ashville, Blacklick, Harrisburg, Summit Station, Galloway, Orient, Hilliard, Carroll, Etna, Westerville, New Albany, Derby, Pataskala, Amlin, Dublin, Baltimore, West Jefferson, Kirkersville, Amanda, Circleville, Stoutsville, Lewis Center, Powell, Mount Sterling, Millersport, Thurston, Galena, Williamsport, Alexandria, London, Plain City, Lancaster, Pleasantville, Hebron, Johnstown, Tarlton, Granville, Buckeye Lake, Sunbury, Unionville Center, Croton, New Holland, Sugar Grove, Delaware, Jacksontown, Sedalia, Clarksburg, Bloomingburg, Ostrander, Rushville, Irwin, Kilbourne, Kingston, Thornville, Adelphi, Newark, Hallsville ,Rockbridge, Bremen, Marysville, Laurelville, South Solon, Centerburg, Milford Center, Mechanicsburg, Heath, Homer, South Vienna, Glenford, Washington Court House, Magnetic Springs, Mount Liberty, Jeffersonville, Catawba, Ashley, Marengo, Woodstock, Radnor, Somerset, South Charleston, Junction City, Sparta, Frankfort, Brownsville, Utica, Saint Louisville, Logan, South Bloomingville, Broadway, Gratiot, Waldo, North Lewisburg, Milledgeville, Fulton, Chillicothe, Cable, Mount Perry, Mount Vernon, Cardington, Richwood, Springfield, Hopewell, Raymond, Prospect, & more.

Delivery Zip Codes Include:

43207, 43194, 43206, 43195, 43199, 43209, 43205, 43232, 43125, 43217, 43227, 43223, 43236, 43251, 43260, 43266, 43268, 43270, 43271, 43272, 43287, 43291, 43218, 43226, 43234, 43279, 43137, 43216, 43203, 43222, 43215, 43109, 43213, 43201, 43212, 43211, 43204, 43219, 43210, 43069, 43110, 43123, 43202, 43136, 43116, 43228, 43224, 43068, 43230, 43147, 43103, 43221, 43004, 43214, 43220, 43126, 43073, 43229, 43231, 43119, 43146, 43026, 43112, 43085, 43018, 43081, 43235, 43054, 43117, 43086, 43062, 43002, 43016, 43240, 43105, 43017, 43162, 43082, 43033, 43102, 43113, 43154, 43035, 43065, 43143, 43046, 43157, 43021, 43164, 43001, 43140, 43064, 43130, 43148, 43025, 43031, 43156, 43023, 43008, 43074, 43077, 43013, 43145, 43155, 43015, 43030, 43151, 43115, 43106, 43061, 43150, 43029, 43032, 45644, 43076, 43101, 43093, 43058, 45633, 43149, 43107, 43041, 43135, 43153, 43011, 43045, 43044, 43056, 43040, 43027, 43055, 45369, 43739, 43160, 43036, 43048, 43128, 43010, 43003, 43334, 43084, 43066, 43783, 45368, 43748, 43350, 45628, 43721, 43080, 43071, 43138, 43152, 43007, 43740, 43356, 43060, 43142, 43321, 45601, 43009, 43760, 43050, 43315, 43344, 45505, 43746, 43067, 43342, 43047, 43766, 43764, 45681, 43158, 43317, 43738, 43336, 45617, 43037, 45647, 43782, 45503, 43127, 43319, 45314, 45335, 43022, 45622, 43735, 45123, 43791, 43005, 43830, 45501, 45502, 45307, 45316, 43822, 43019, 43078, 43761, 43322, 43777, 43360, 43111, 45169, 45654, 45372, 43338, 45166, 43358, 45764, 45387, 45673, 43357, 45506, 43320, 43730, 45135, & more.

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Questions and answers

What if my container smells?

It’s not very uncommon for a container to have an odor, but the easiest way to get rid of this is to let your container doors open overnight, and the smell should go away. If you stop by your local hardware store, they should have industrial strength odor neutralizers that will get the job done!

Am I able to pick a color?

Most customers want to choose their container color, and sometimes this is possible, but not always. You get the first container off of the stack at the inter-modal depot. If you order multiple containers, it is often possible to get the color of your choice. Also, one trip containers are generally tan or beige.

Why choose a steel container over other structures?

Here is why you should choose a steel container over other structures:
Cost: It’s relatively cheap to transport a shipping container to create brick and mortar and other storage units.
Speed: It’s much faster to load and transport shipping containers, unlike other options.
Solid floors: Containers are great options for storage purposes due to them providing a sold wood floor that can hold heavy weight and equipment. Many other structures such as most sheds and carports lack this option which makes them less favorable for storage use.

How much room do I need for my container delivery?

What size of a room will I need to ensure that my container will even fit? We encourage our customers to measure their property before ordering the container. Our most common deliveries are done by pick-up trucks and 40ft tilt bed trailer, so we require our customers to have at least 100-120ft of space for a 40 ft container and 80 – 100 ft. of room for a 20ft container For the truck to come through correctly, please make sure that you have a 10ft width going down the driveway and 14 feet height clearance, but we can work with 13ft.