New, One-Trip Shipping Containers

One-Trip Storage Containers are ready for 10–20 years of heavy use and are almost new. These units have been transferred from their manufacturing facility abroad with a single cargo to reduce shipping costs and are now available for long-term use.

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Where Do One-Trip Containers Come From?

One-trip shipping containers are things that haven’t been utilized in more than a few weeks after you buy them.
Our single-transit containers for sale have only traveled from a significant container production hub (usually China) to their final port.
They were shipped overseas while carrying a single load, unloaded, and are now being offered for sale as brand-new storage containers.

What Type of Wear-and-Tear Can I Expect from a One-Trip Shipping Container?

Before going on sale, Used Conex one-trip containers are carefully examined for damage and wear-and-tear.
Our thorough shipping container inspection verifies that none of the units have any structural flaws, holes, or rust, are dirty or in any other manner unhygienic, or have other quality issues.

One-Trip Shipping Container vs. Used Shipping Container

A single cargo container may be used for up to 20 years.
A one-trip shipping container is available with a clean finish, little to no rust or corrosion, and it mixes in nicely with a neat atmosphere if you run a firm where presentation is important.

A used shipping container might not have the same advantages as a brand-new one, at least not aesthetically. This depends on how old it is.

A used shipping container’s lifespan and resale value are often constrained.
When analyzing cost reductions and contrasting new and used shipping containers for your purposes, it’s crucial to keep the aforementioned aspects in mind.

We promise to exclusively provide one-trip containers of the finest caliber and with very little wear and tear.
However, a used container is preferable if you don’t mind the surface scratches and dents.

One-Trip Containers Features & Benefits

  • Grade-A Shipping Container
  • As-New Condition
  • Cost-Effective
  • Clean
  • Original Paint
  • Original Manufacturer Warranty
  • Suitable for Long-Term Use
  • At Used Conex our one-trip shipping containers come with new CSC plates and will not require a container quality inspection for up to 5 years


Cargo Worthy Shipping Containers

With a used CW shipping container that you buy from Used Conex, we can give you a sea-worthy certificate. The Cargo Worthy containers can be used to export goods abroad. A sea-worthy inspection and certificate typically cost between $400 and $600 per container.

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Cargo Worthy Container Signs of Age & Use Typically Include:

Interior floor and wall scratches, scuffs, marks, and patches, as well as surface rust, dents, gouges, scratches, and dings.

Even though Cargo Worthy containers aren’t in pristine shape, they nonetheless meet all of the key applications for shipping containers as defined by international regulations and standards.

They are also an affordable choice for storage and customization in a professional or other setting.

Cargo-Worthy Container vs. Wind and Watertight Container

There are several similarities between CW and WWT containers. Both are normally 5 to 10 years old and have been heavily utilized in maritime shipping operations. The quality grades of these two container types are actually different, with WWT containers being a Grade C and Cargo Worthy containers being a Grade B.

While both types frequently have noticeable dents, rust, scuffs, and usage, WWT containers typically have a higher degree of age and usage marks, with severe corrosion, wear-and-tear on the floors and doors, and prior repairs prevalent by the time of resale.

Due to their significantly improved condition, Cargo-Worthy containers may also have a longer lifespan. Of course, for the same reason, there can also be a sizable price difference between the two. While WWT containers may need extra repairs before gaining certifications, this is not always the case. Cargo-Worthy containers are ready to be certified for use in international shipping. Budget, usage intentions, and longevity objectives are often the deciding factors when deciding between a Cargo-Worthy and a WWT container.


WWT Shipping Containers

Our containers come with a 25-year leak warranty. We are the best shipping container company in what we offer and what we guarantee on our containers. They are all in great condition, completely wind and watertight, doors seal perfectly, no holes, no leaks.

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What is a Wind and Watertight Container?

A WWT Container is a Grade-C used conex box that no longer meets CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) requirements. These containers are sold by shipping companies once they have reached the end of their maritime lifespan and are typically transferred into storage service and the modification markets.

WWT containers have significant wear-and-tear and are retired from shipping service when they are considered liable to structural compromise.

What Type of Wear-and-Tear Can I Expect from a Wind and Watertight Container for Sale?

WWT containers from Used Conex have passed a multi-point inspection for strict wind and watertight standards and are guaranteed to be free of holes and leaks.

As a Grade-C shipping container, WWT conex boxes typically come with significant wear-and-tear and evidence of repairs, such as:

  • Surface Rust, Dents, Gouges, Scratches, Scuffs, and Dinks
  • Faded Paint
  • Patch Work and Repairs
  • Welding Repairs
  • Imperfect Roof Pits
  • Imperfect Roof Bows
  • Interior Scratches, Scuffs, Dents, Gouges, and Patchwork
  • Floor Markings, Scratches, Gouges, and Patchwork
  • Floor Delamination
  • Doors May Not Open/Swing Efficiently and Require Some Lubrication/Work