Since shipping containers were primarily intended to move large freight over oceans and are frequently exposed to harsh weather and wind conditions, it is not unexpected that they are as resilient and weather-resistant as they are. Because of this, designers are remarkably strong, secure, and weatherproof. The same design that makes them resistant to all types of bad maritime weather also makes them resistant to any bad weather that might be present where you reside.

Dependence on a storage container with these features is significant because you usually put important items inside and don’t want them to get destroyed.

You can store almost anything in one of these shipping containers, whether it’s for home or business use because they come in different sizes.

Many shops and enterprises are required to have the equipment, retail items, and office supplies on hand in order to perform regular operations. When utilized for other purposes, shipping containers can be just as beneficial. They provide for wonderful locations to store lawn and garden tools, unused furniture, and just about anything else that needs to be stored.

Here are the top five reasons why using shipping containers for on-site storage is a great idea:

  • Waterproof – All items kept within shipping containers are protected from any weather hazards by the way they are built. There is no better option than a 20-foot shipping container if you need a durable building that will withstand the elements and last for years on your property.
  • Secure – Because shipping containers are so sturdy, they are very safe against theft or malfunctions. Since they are often made of heavy-duty 16 gauge steel, it is quite difficult to break in and take anything. If your shipping container is secured with a strong lock, you can be sure that nobody will try to break in and steal your belongings.
  • Durability – All shipping containers are made to be extremely durable. Containers typically have a lifespan of 40 to 50 years, after which they retain 75% of their salvage value. There aren’t many container types with this amount of durability, and with proper care, they may live even longer. Your shipping container should be ready to use after you simply examine the paint, look for rust, and check your seals.
  • Portability – The mobility of your own containers is a perk. Even while you might never need to relocate your storage container from one location to another, knowing that it is possible gives you peace of mind in case you do. Any shipping containers that you have ordered for delivery to your residence or place of business will be brought to you to show off their portability. It will be a straightforward process to transfer your container to any of the multiple sites you need to carry it to for storage needs.
  • Different sizes available – Shipping containers are fantastic since they come in a variety of sizes, giving you a lot of flexibility for your needs. Additionally, they may be altered so that you can add extra doors to your units, attach interior lighting, and even transform them into refrigerator-like units. The two smallest sizes of shipping containers, which can accommodate the contents of a typical two-bedroom home, will fit into most backyards and driveways and come in sizes of 20 ft, and 40 ft.

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