Replacement of the shipping container door seal is simpler than you might imagine. All you require is some patience and time.

There is a purpose for the door seals that surround a shipping container. They have a lifespan of roughly 10 years and aid in keeping moisture and pests out of your box.

It’s time to replace them if it appears that you have exceeded their 10-year lifespan! You’ll learn how to do this job yourself, so don’t worry.

You may learn how to fix the door seals of a shipping container in this article.

How to Remove the Retaining Strip and Rivets

Gaskets are another word for door seals on shipping containers. Despite having distinct names, they all have the same meaning.

Let’s assume that all of the door seals need to be replaced, not just some of them.

You must first remove the retaining strip before you can replace them.
You are aware of the substantial metal component holding the gasket together.

What is your method?

Remove the retaining strip

The rivet heads should be removed with a chisel first. Or, you might use a Stanley knife to cut them out. By pulling up the metal tabs after they have been removed, you can remove the retaining strip. You can occasionally repurpose the previous retaining strip. Or you might need to purchase a new one.

The previous door seal should then be removed.

How to Install the New Gaskets

You went to the store and purchased the replacement gaskets you required in advance, didn’t you, before you ever got this far?

Most likely, the seal or gasket you bought will completely enclose the door.

Each door will need one, which typically comes in a set. Their length is 2 ½ feet.

Put the new seal on top of the old one after removing the old one.

Check that the edges are straight. This is to take measurements and ensure that the new seal will fit the doors when it is installed.

Use a pair of tin snips or a 5-inch cutter to trim the new gasket if necessary to make it fit.

Will fit the doors

After completing that step, there is one more task to complete before installing the new gaskets.

Run a bead of sealant over the area where the previous gasket was removed. The entire perimeter won’t need to be completed. It should work with three beads.

You can now slide the new gasket on.

Reinstall the old retaining strip if possible, or buy a new one if necessary.

The last step is to replace the rivets that hold the retaining strip and the new gaskets back together with a rivet gun.


Nobody desires a door on a shipping container that leaks! There is a simple do-it-yourself fix available if you run into this issue. All you need are some spare time and some fresh gaskets.

It’s not simple to do, and you’ll need a few more tools, but it is achievable.