Early in the 1980s, the construction sector popularized the use of repurposed shipping containers. Conex boxes were used by construction companies to store equipment and supplies on project sites while preventing theft. Although there are many different uses for construction containers today, the sector still employs them for break rooms, dependable offices, and reliable storage.

Here are five typical uses for construction containers:

1. Tool and Equipment Storage

storage container construction tool storage

It is challenging to break into shipping containers since they are made of sturdy 16-gauge steel.
Companies use storage containers for construction because they are concerned about theft.
Tools, equipment, and work supplies are better protected with a shipping container option.
When working, employees can easily access storage, but after hours, businesses can lock the container securely.

2. Mobile Office Construction Container

construction office container

A project manager’s office, conference room, or meeting space for workers to evaluate blueprints is typically needed on construction sites. Construction container offices can be customized by manufacturing teams to include bathrooms, built-in desks, and barred windows for increased security, among other features.

3. Comfortable and Portable Breakroom

construction container break room

By giving workers a dedicated area, on-site breakrooms help maintain a positive work environment.
A tiny kitchenette, a restroom, and a sitting space are common amenities in container breakrooms where workers can unwind and eat their lunches.

4. On-Site Construction Container Restroom

bathroom shipping container for construction

For workers on construction sites, restrooms are a need. Modified shipping containers are a comfortable, long-lasting, secure, and portable choice for businesses looking to advance. This bathroom may easily be moved around to various job locations all year long.

5. Dual Workspace and Storage Container

work and store shipping container for construction

Climate control, a personnel entrance, and two windows are all present on the workplace side.
To make it simple to access the objects stored there, the storage side has working cargo doors, lights, and electrical outlets.